Wingerworth Parish Council

Serving the people of Wingerworth

Clerk RFO: Peter Leppard
Wingerworth Parish Hall, New
Road, Wingerworth S42 6TB

The Parish Hall's extensive refurbishment is now complete and we are open again for bookings.

If you'd like to make an enquiry about a booking, you can use our online booking system Wingerworth Parish Council - Scribe Bookings or email or call 01246 938108.

History of the Parish Rooms

The configuration of the current building has undergone very significant modifications and extensions since 1924, when the site was gifted to the Parish Council by the Hunloke family. In 1924, the only buildings on the site were a forge and two shoeing sheds. With modest funds obtained through local donations and a loan from one of the Councillors, the Parish Council set about extending and improving the very basic accommodation. The Parish Rooms were soon established as a thriving hub of the community used for dances, whist drives, meetings for various clubs and societies, concerts, miners' welfare, Sunday school, charitable events, etc. Throughout this period, the Parish Rooms were heated by coal or coke fires, and relied on pan closets (having no water for sanitation). During the war the Parish Rooms functioned as an ARP station, and also as a distribution centre for food rationing coupons. Then, until 1954, the buildings were leased to Derbyshire Education Authority for the local school to use as a classroom and dining room. In 1966 the Parish Council purchased land from adjacent cottages (Hill Houses) and in 1974 the Parish Rooms were reconfigured internally and extended to provide a large Hall, a stage, kitchen, meeting room, toilets, and space for car parking.

The principal reason for the Parish Council's decision to undertake refurbishment and upgrade in the 2020s was that the population of Wingerworth and its immediate environs has been steadily increasing since the last time the Parish Hall was refurbished. Several new housing estates have been built both within the village itself and along the A61 corridor between Clay Cross and Chesterfield. Since the 2011 Census there have been approximately 1,300 planning applications agreed for new houses (source: Planning Office); many have already been completed. Based on the England average of 2.4 people per household, this would increase the village population by circa 3,000 (50%). This continuing development has increased pressure for services, including those provided by the Parish Council and the Parish Hall in particular, where users are now looking for an up-to-date building with modern facilities in a clean, warm, accessible, inviting and energy-efficient environment.


Wingerworth Parish Rooms' success today is largely due to the vision and commitment of successive Parish Councils working closely with the local community.

Today the Parish Hall remains a vital part of the village, and provides a venue for many community activities, including hosting two local badminton groups, a weekly mother and toddler session, a ladies club, Wingerworth Community Association, a music club, Wingerworth Library, a Ju Jitsu group, a horticultural society and Wingerworth Table Tennis Club, amongst others. It is also host to some of the biggest events in the village diary, including the annual craft fair, an alternative flower festival, a produce show and the Annual Remembrance and Christmas events.

The Parish Hall is also the venue for all Parish Council meetings and committee meetings, along with ad hoc events, such as providing a polling station for elections, hustings, consultation meetings, charitable events, community talks from PCSOs or other local authorities, and a venue for local residents to hold parties.

The Council is committed to supporting the future of the Parish Hall and to ensure its future sustainability. The refurbished Parish Hall is energy-efficient and meets the objectives of the District and County Councils' Climate Change plans to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, and to meet government targets of reducing emissions by at least 80% by 2050. LED lighting and sensors are installed throughout the building to reduce usage in dormant periods, there is a smart heating system to manage the heating requirements across the different rooms, and the building and roof are insulated to reduce energy wastage.

Benefits to the Community

The Parish Council hopes to increase usage of the Hall. As well as increasing revenue, more importantly the Council hopes to provide the community with a welcoming location to come together for a variety of reasons. This will help build the number and range of village-wide events, and increase the volume and variety of smaller group activities. The Council believes that, in providing a range of activities that suit all members of the community, it can support its aims of increasing community engagement & activity and reducing social isolation. This is reflected in our pricing strategy, with preferential rates for community events and groups, to make these more affordable and increase the use for such events. The Council also plans to encourage new groups, including by offering the Hall for the group's first couple of meetings free and providing resources to support new groups (for example having templates for constitutions).