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Clerk RFO: Colin Swindell
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Impact Tool

Impact is an estimator of a community’s carbon footprint that works for parishes wards, district councils and unitary authorities.

It draws on more than 30 datasets to estimate the total amount of greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly as a result of everyday human activities in the given locality – heating homes, using electricity, transport, producing and distributing food, disposing of waste, etc.

It presents this information in a visually engaging way that is easy to interpret and easy to share.

Impact has been designed to help you and your community to access, analyse and act on your community’s carbon footprint and to give you a better idea of where to target your efforts for the greatest impact in tackling the climate emergency.

Place-Based Carbon Calculator

PBCC is a free tool which estimates the per-person carbon footprint for every Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) in England. LSOAs are small statistical areas with a population of about 1,500 – 3,000. It draws on a wide range of data and research to give a representative view of how carbon footprints vary across the country. PBCC is intended to help communities and policy makers understand where their carbon footprints come from and what we need to do to reduce them.

Use the map to zoom to your area of interest then click on an LSOA for more details.